09 Jan

When it comes to the case of a universal remote control, it works or control multiple devices. It can control TV, DVD player, Home theater systems, and even projector too.

So, what about working with the streaming players or devices?

Do you know what I mean?

Yes, there are a lot of streaming devices are available now in the market like Roku streaming stick, Box, Firestick, etc.

So, I know, almost all the users should have the streaming stick such as Roku stick, or even Roku software included TVs like HIsense Roku TV, TCL Roku TVs, etc.

So, you may have question like that does a universal remote works with a streaming TV?

The answer is YES!

Yes, there are universal remotes that can control Roku TVs. Roku TVs use infrared (IR) signals for remote control, so any universal remote that supports IR and has Roku TV codes can be programmed to control basic functions on a Roku TV. Major universal remote brands like Logitech, Sony, Philips, and GE make models that are compatible with Roku TVs. 

You'll need to consult the instruction manual to find the programming code for Roku TVs and follow the steps to sync the remote. With some basic programming, a quality universal remote can allow you to control power, volume, and channel selection on a Roku TV without needing the original remote.

A universal remote can work with Roku stick and the Roku smart TVs. There are a plenty of universal remotes are available in the market that can be programmed to work with such streaming TVs.

Some of the examples included the GE universal remote, RCA, one for all, etc.

Since the Roku uses IR sensor to communicate to the remote control, it's easier for connect the IR based third-party remote control with it.

You should program the remote control with the Roku TV. Suppose, if you want to program GE universal remote with the Roku, there is Roku 4 digit GE codes that matches with the streaming stick.

There are some common steps that are needed to program a universal remote control for a Roku streaming stick. The device selection button should be used is STRM buttom. The STRM stands for streaming devices.

when you are ready with codes, you should pair the device to the remote control. For that, press the SETUP button and release.

Then press the device selection button. Here in the case, the STRM button.

Then enter the 4-digit code. The setup process completed.

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