10 Nov

What will be the best way to get your whatsapp privacy fully protected. Here i am recommending you to download and install the mod version of the whatsapp available in the market. So what is the mod version? Do you having any doubt regarding this. If yes, then listen to me.

The mod version of the whatsapp is the modified version of the original whatsapp. the third party developers developed, can't say developed, just modified the source code to add extra features on it to make more appealing and more featured.

Here what i am going to tell you is that, you have heard about yowhatsapp apk, the original whatsapp modified version. This is somewhat very spectaculous while using this modified version of whatsapp. you may or may not be the biggest fan of this modified version of whatsapp. But i am sure that once you have used this version whatsapp, then you will definitely will get fall in love with this yowhatsapp version of whatsapp.

What are features of yowhatsapp apk

There are so many features that are integrated along with the yowhatsapp version files. Most of them are by the privacy related. Not only that but the design perspective, theme perspective, media perspective of features are also available with the Yowhatsapp modified version files.

  1. More themes are integrated in the yowhatsapp theme library
  2. more stickers are included in the library, so that can be able to sent more emotions on your whatsapp chat.
  3. Privacy featured like hiding of double tick, bluetick, last seen etc. Just is it worthy?
  4. media files size extend possible while making it more you need to sen to your friends. whatever it may be like the image files, office files, media files such as audio, video. No matter whatever the size of the media files are.
  5. other privacy options such as seeing the other profile photo that they have not saved you number on their smartphone. wow, it is a great feature.

Competitors of YoWhatsapp

There are so many mod version of the whatsapp available. among them one of them is yowhatsapp. You may be heard of other mod version whatsapp applicatons such as gbwhatsapp, whatsapp plus, fm whatsapp. Though all of them are modified versions, each and everyone have the special features in accordance with the developers skill.

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